As a photographer of couples, weddings, families, and maternity/newborn, I have collected quite the list of photography frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). & I know you’ve been there- looking at a photographer & have a specific question but don’t want to ask it. Here’s your fix! I’m going to be answering allllll the FAQ’s y’all have about anything and everything! Let’s get to it…

Q: How would you describe your photography style?

A: Photography style is a big component of what makes you stand out apart from others and gives you some extra fire. While my style is ever-changing and always developing, I would describe my own personal shooting/editing style as: bright and vibrant, with rich, true to color tones. If you scroll through my portfolio, this is what you can expect to see. :)

Q: What happens if I need to reschedule my session?

A: No problemo. Life happens, I get it! I will never, ever charge you any fees regarding cancellation or rescheduling a session. With that being said, it’s also important to understand that my schedule fills up quickly so double, then triple check the date you book to make sure that you are 100% free! However, if you get sick, have a family emergency, or simply can’t make it, please let me know as soon as possible and I am more than happy to work with you to coordinate a new session date!

Q: How many pictures will I get from my session and how will they be delivered?

A: The number of pictures you receive from your session is all dependent upon the package you purchase at booking. My mini sessions result in 30-50 edited images, standard sessions at about 60-90 edited images, and extended sessions at 100-130 edited images. On average, I can take 500+ pictures at a simple mini session. This is the sole reason as to why I do not deliver all my images. Not all of the images I capture will be perfectly in focus, at the right angles, have the best lighting, etc.

The pictures you will receive are the best of the best that I have captured in my camera. I spend hours of my time culling and hand-editing your pictures to make sure that I can deliver the most beautiful images for you to love. All images will be delivered via an online gallery system. Once I finish editing them, I will upload them to this online gallery, and I will send a link with instructions to your email. You can simply click on the link, download the pictures straight to your phone/computer, and even share the link to other friends and family!

Q: Do I need to look at poses before my session?

A: Girl, what? Heck to the no! My goal is to make your session as fun, stress-free, and comfortable as possible. You by no means have to be prepared for your session with any poses- I’ve got you covered! I’m a pro at posing you with fun prompts which allow your genuine emotions to shine through :) Don’t get me wrong though, if you’re all about that Pinterest life, you are more than welcome to send me any poses you are specifically wanting at your session. I’m all ears to any suggestions or fun poses you want to incorporate!

Q: What should I wear? How should I plan my outfit?

A: Fear not, I have style guides for allllll my sessions. Whether you’re a couple planning your outfit with your significant other, or you’re a family of 5, I will send you a style guide that gives you practical tips and tricks to use when planning your outfits for your session. Feel free to also look through my website or social medias at other families. Sometimes getting real-life inspiration can be helpful!

I will usually send your style guide a month or two before your scheduled session, so it gives you some time to shop around for the perfect looks! If you’re still struggling with what to wear after reading your style guide, give me a call or shoot me a text! I’ve got plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and am HAPPY to help.

Q: Where do you live and how far will you travel?

A: I currently reside in Brownsburg, Indiana- a suburb west of Indianapolis. I will travel 50 miles roundtrip to your location free-of-charge. Any additional miles traveled; I charge a flat fee of $1 per 2 miles roundtrip. If your venue or session location is outside these 50 miles, I can calculate all the math for you and any additional fees will be discussed with you first and then applied to your invoice.

Q: Can you edit our images in black and white?

A: As mentioned earlier, I am a very bright and vibrant photographer and love those rich colors in the pictures I take. Because of this, I will rarely edit pictures in black and white to deliver to clients. However, if you receive your final gallery and have a few images that you are dying to have edited in black and white, I can certainly edit them for you in black and white to your liking (free of charge too!).

Q: Can you hold my date for me?

A: Unfortunately, your booking is not final until your 20% retainer fee is paid, and you have signed my contract. To be fair to any and everyone who comes my way, I cannot hold any dates or times until these two things have been completed. All of my bookings are accepted on a first come/first serve basis. 

Q: What if my child won’t cooperate for our family pictures and time runs out?

A: Take a breather, momma. I promise that I have plenty of stored up patience for all the crazy, energetic kiddos who come my way. Children will be children and I don’t think it’s fair to them to make them pose perfectly for an hour straight. Because of this, I let most children actually take the lead in my family sessions. Why? It creates more authentic emotion. Sometimes it will be the case that your child will want to run around and go look at something different. That’s totally fine! Let them release some energy and we will get your pictures in time. It’s important to let them have that creative freedom while also sneaking in some shots.

I never want you to feel like a burden or be anxious that your child isn’t “behaving” at a session. I’m such a lover of kids and I have dozens of ways to reel them in for pictures :) I also am pretty firm on the idea that I won’t leave a session until I feel like I’ve gotten enough pictures in camera. So, even if you scheduled a mini session and it’s been 30+ minutes, I will stay for a little while longer to make sure that I can deliver the best images to you.

“It’s important to let them have that creative freedom while also sneaking in some shots. I never want you to feel like a burden or be anxious that your child isn’t “behaving” at a session. I’m such a lover of kids and I have dozens of ways to reel them in for pictures :)”

Q: Do you use a flash?

A: Yes and no. If your session is outdoors during the light hours of the day, I will never (and I mean NEVER) use flash in your pictures. I’m a sucker for natural, warm light and I will use it every chance that I get! Why create artificial light if we can use God’s natural light? On the other hand, I will use a flash in the case of wedding receptions or ceremonies. Many wedding venues can be dark inside and using a flash can help to quickly brighten the image. 

Q: Where will our session be at? Do you have a studio?

A: Anywhere you want! Your session is YOUR session, and you have all the freedom in choosing where you would like the location of it to be. For some of you Type-A people like me, that may seem overwhelming, so I have created a list of some local parks near the Indy area that are beautiful spots for pictures. You in no way have to limit yourself to the ideas I mention, but feel free to check them out and see what location fits your vision!

Unfortunately, I don’t have my own studio and use the world around me for all my sessions. If, however, it is too cold or hot outside for a session to take place, you can always try doing pictures inside your home, at a local Airbnb, inside a coffee shop, etc.!

Q: I’m ready to take the next step. How do I get booked?

A: Woohoo!! I may be a little biased, but this question is my favorite  Once you’ve decided that you are ready to book a session, there’s a couple different avenues you can take. You can send me an email at OR you can head to my contact page on my website ( and either fill out my contact form or schedule a call to chat more. From there, we can talk allllll the things regarding your session and what all you are envisioning. 

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