*cue the intro music* hey hey hey, it’s Al… hot mess express, your personal paparazzi, and your #1 hype woman. I’m SO excited that you’re reading this and that you’ve made it to my little corner of the web! 

About Allison

As I mentioned, I’m Allison & I’m a photographer of couples, weddings, families, and maternity/newborn in the Indianapolis area. I started photography on a whim… AKA, I was obsessed with the super aesthetic Instagram pictures, so I saved up for a camera. I know, it’s actually the lamest story ever. I wish I had a cooler anecdote to share, trust me. When my camera finally got here, I swear I took pictures of my whole friend group and any family that I could. Even before it got here, I spent hours and hours of time watching YouTube videos of all things photography, read countless blog posts, and podcast-ed (is that a word?) it up so that I could understand everything about my camera.

Before I knew it, I had people on Facebook messaging me offering to pay for photography sessions. Now, let’s be real… my editing was pretty limited to some cheap $5 Etsy presets and I definitely was NOT fit to be taking on sessions. But I guess God had a different plan because I gained traction quicker than I ever could’ve imagined. God bless you brave souls for taking a chance on me early on ;)

About a year later, here I am now, with a full-time photography business started at the age of 19 in Brownsburg, IN. It still blows my mind to say that, but it’s pretty much taken over my life. Apart from my business, I actually am a full-time college student at the University of Indianapolis studying psychology with a pre-occupational therapy concentration. I’m a lover of Jesus, a good afternoon nap, and some super cheesy Nicholas Sparks movies.

I would actually describe myself as an extroverted introvert because deep down, I’m all about that alone time, but am also filled from being around people. If you’re an enneagram junkie like me, I’m a type 2w1 and it’s both a blessing and a curse ;) On a regular day, you can find me sleeping in until the very last moment, multitasking literally everything, and whipping up any sweets that I can in the kitchen.

My Mission

I’ve made it my mission as a photographer to form genuine connections with the people I take pictures of and to show them how truly beautiful God has made them. & part of this same mission is being a source of education and inspiration to all the lovely people that step in front of the camera. So, I have started this blog as a way to help you (yes, YOU) navigate all things photography. Don’t know what to wear? I gotcha. What to ask a photographer before booking? Let me tell ya. Where to take your engagement pictures? Ooooo, I know all the spots. Seriously, this will be your space for you to read all my super honest, and hopefully helpful thoughts about everything you can think of.

My goal is to get at least one blog post out each week and the topics will cover a wide variety of things. Some of the topics I plan to write on are: my editing process (oh, I should mention that my editing does now in fact include better presets than the $5 ones from Etsy), what to expect before your session, FAQ’s, some of my biggest photography flops, and tips on how to make your session the BEST it can be. Most topics I choose will be ones that I often times get from clients, other photographers, or just random followers in my DM’s. & if you have a topic that you’re dyingggg for me to cover, then let’s do it girl, shoot me a text  Ultimately, this blog is for YOU to feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera and just living your dang life. 

Let’s goooooo!

Buckle up, sister… blog posts are coming your way real soon and I hope that they hit home wherever you are in the journey of life. I can’t guarantee that each blog post will specifically meet your needs, but I do know that you will be able to find something to take away from each post. Whoever you are, thank you for being a part of this bumpy ride with me and I’m pumped that God led you here. See you soon, loves <3

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