I’m going to let you in on a little secret… engagement sessions are my favorite sessions of all time. So, when Spencer and Shelby reach out about their recent engagement, my heart was so happy! These two are something special. It’s rare that I meet a couple that steps in front of the camera and has as much confidence as Spencer and Shelby. I kid you not, the minute these two took off their coats to start pictures (ugh, Indiana weather), they RAN this session by themselves! Their relationship consists of so much pure, genuine love in a way that is so evident to those around them. 

            Funny story… but I have actually known Spencer for quite some time now. As a child, my family attended a small Lutheran church near Eagle Creek. Spencer’s family also attended regularly, and we grew close to love their family and all that they stood for. Spencer’s dad is still using his talents to preach at a Lutheran church today- the same one that Shelby and Spencer will get married at in October! I am blessed to have gotten the chance to take their engagement pictures 10+ years later in what seems like a completely different world!

Spencer + Shelby’s Story

            As for Spencer and Shelby, their story is one that I think fits the word “fate” pretty spot on. Both of them served in the military, in specific the National Guard. Surprisingly enough, they had met almost 5 years prior to their engagement at an event related to the National Guard, yet never spoke or interacted with each other. It was much later in their lives that they found each other again on a dating app all by coincidence. God’s pretty crazy, right? Anyways, since meeting again, these two have loved deeply and it was more than evident at their session. Their relationship is playful, and they are not afraid to have some fun no matter who they’re around. Yet, they are totally, head over heels in love- the kind you always dream about.

            I am SO excited that I get to capture their wedding day in October and know that it will be everything and more. Below are some of my very favorites from their engagement session that took place right by the canal in downtown Indianapolis. Congrats, Shelby and Spencer!

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